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Do you want to enhance your health? Lose a few pounds? Get the nutrients your body needs? I’m here to help you reach these health goals! With Herbalife tea concentrate and our other line of wellness products, you can achieve the look and feel you desire.

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As your health partner, I offer the following Herbalife benefits:

  • Personal service: Herbalife isn’t just a line of quality products. In addition to providing these high-impact solutions, Herbalife offers a FREE one-on-one service—me! I answer all your questions and ensure you get the best combination of products to meet your personal goals and lifestyle.
  • In-depth product knowledge: With over 20 years of experience, I offer extensive knowledge of my products, from Herbalife protein shakes in Pennsylvania to Herbalife vitamins in Pennsylvania. I am available to provide whatever information you need to make the best selection.
  • Healthy lifestyle: Incorporating unique products such as Herbalife tea concentrate in Pennsylvania into your diet will enhance your health and help you lose weight. Your new healthy lifestyle will allow you to be more active and enjoy life to the fullest. The nutrients you receive from Herbalife vitamins and products are an essential component of this vibrant lifestyle.
  • Weight loss: Have you tried fad diets and trips to the gym, but the scale simply won’t move? It’s time to try Herbalife weight loss in Pennsylvania. I offer products that will help you achieve the weight-loss goals that have evaded you in the past. With the right combination of nutrient-rich supplements and tasty snacks, you’ll shed pounds and enjoy a new, healthy lifestyle.
  • Personal care products: Did you know Herbalife is more than weight loss? With a full line of personal care products, I offer great solutions for a healthy body, inside and out. My line of Herbalife skincare products in Pennsylvania is just one of many products designed to help you look and feel your best.
Contact us today at 412-922-7906 to start reaping the benefits of Herbalife shakes, Herbalife skincare, and other wellness solutions in Pittsburgh, Carnegie, Green Tree, and Crafton, PA. Herbalife Independent Distributor Peg Dalessandro looks forward to helping you achieve your health goals.